Abbe Bradbury

Artistic Director

Abbe began her career as a Singer, Dancer and Actor in Queensland 20 years ago. Along with her own performance career in entertainment, Abbe has obtained many qualifications.

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These qualifications includes Diploma of Musical Theatre, Certificate IV in Dance, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Abbe also became a qualified international Voice Teacher of Mix and was awarded Gold Coast Young Business woman of the year in 2010.

Abbe is the Artistic Director of Dynamite Studios one of Australia’s leading performing Arts institutes. From 2011-2016 Abbe was the National Script writer and Choreographer for Showtime Attractions and is currently the Company manager for the Dream Dance Company.

Erin O’Flaherty

Managing Director

Erin’s vast experience in entertainment over the past 16 years has led her to team up with one of Queensland’s leading agency directors Abbe Bradbury.

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Together they created a new, innovative entertainment agency- Evolution Agency. Erin has been a performer on the field and on stage at Australia’s most prevalent sporting and entertainment precincts making her a well-rounded and experience performer.

Not only performing alongside some of Australia’s most popular artists Erin has experience organising and executing stage productions and corporate events. Since creating Evolution Agency Erin has worked on developing creative entertainment concepts and content for clients such as Toyota, Star and Tresurary Casino, UCB, Showtime Attractions, Maake Agency, DSA Agency, Wyndham and JD Sports.

Erin is passionate about new, high quality, innovative entertainment concepts for clients as a way to help promote a client’s brand and/or event and will be a part of the development and execution of the concepts created and delivered via Evolution.

Cindy Wilson

Head Booker

Cindy has had an impressive career in the performing arts industry working professionally in Australia and completing multiple international contracts in countries around the world.

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Cindy is a multi-skilled performer which has allowed her to flourish working as both a dancer and face character in theme parks around the world, such as Dreamworld, Universal Studios Singapore, Universal Studios Japan and Village Roadshow Theme Parks.

On top of her amazing accomplishments as a performer, Cindy has hosted and managed multiple corporate events and continues her professional development with each passing year.

Cindy has always been passionate about the behind the scenes of the entertainment industry which makes her role as Evolution and Emerge Agency’s head booker so rewarding.